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1 February 2011

Trial by Ink

In the wry 1986 Smiths hit song F r a n k l y , M r . S h a n k l y , singer/lyricist Morrissy warns, “Fame….it can play hideous tricks on the brain”—mind games, that is, where the audience is unwittingly accomplice. For a while the relationship between exhibitionist-celebrity and voyeur-audience is consensual, it is neither particularly healthy nor examined. Composed of an amalgam of complicated motivations, both on the giving and receiving end, affairs between famous…Read

Philosophy Regains its Senses

Ray Boisvert describes the disdain which many philosophers down the ages have had for food and the other appetites of the body

Richard Watson was a trailblazer of sorts. In 1985, the Washington University professor published a book which combined dieting tips with ruminations on the big questions of life. The combination was not as far fetched as it seemed. The very word ‘diet’ is derived from a Greek term meaning ‘mode of life.’ Since a proper mode of living…Read

The Manic Street Preachers

Welsh rock band the Manic Street Preachers have traveled a long distance in the years since the release of their first album Generation Terrorists in 1991. They’ve had a myriad of musical styles, huge mid-to-late-90’s popularity, the still unsolved disappearance of songwriter Richey Edwards, acclaim, and some derision along the way. A band committed to their vision, the Manic’s work has had an overt political and philosophical focus which has set them apart from their contemporaries both…Read


ELLE HUNT talks to third culture kids about what it means to be Kiwi—or not

Where are you from?

That question never fails to trip me up, because the truth is—I’m not sure.

I was born and raised in England to (very) English parents. I continue to speak with that accent, and I drink four or five cups of tea per day—but I haven’t been back there for almost a decade.

Between the ages of nine and 13, I…Read

The Albert Park Café 18 Kitchener Street

I went up to Albert Park recently to escape the tumult in Queen St. It was soothing in the park listening to the birds singing. However I knew I had to finish the shopping so I went back down towards High St. As I walked across Kitchener street I noticed a friendly looking café that seemed to beckon me in. It was called the Albert Park Café, so I wandered in and ordered a coffee. Inside the café I metHolly, the owner/manager and…Read


I read an article recently in the Oct/Nov 2010 Philosophy Now magazine. The article was entitled, ‘How to be a Philosopher’ and was written by Dr. Ian Ravenscroft.

The article listed 9 points about How to be a Philosopher.

In item 1, under the heading ‘What to Wear’ Ian talks about the clothes that philosophers prefer. He says that; ‘clothes can be a source of aesthetic pleasure and few philosophers are adamantly against pleasure.’ (although it should be a disinterested pleasure).

He goes on to say that, …Read

‘Schopenhauer is Always Topical’ An Interview with Rüdiger Safranski

2010 marked the 150th anniversary of the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer’s death. Thomas Köster spoke to Rüdiger Safranski about the timeless modernity of his thinking, about the joy of reading Schopenhauer’s work – and about Schopenhauer’s message that philosophy is not everything in life.


Because Schopenhauer had a model for thinking about life that was perfectly thought through. Schopenhauer paints an image of man in which…Read

‘The Torrents of Spring’ brought to life in the Bookshop Café Gisborne

Iwas in Gisborne (on the east coast) for a few days last week and I went into a bookshop looking for a book I’d recently read called, The Torrents of Spring by Ivan Turgenev. I thought I’d buy it as a Christmas present for a friend. However, I was told the book was not in stock.

It was just on lunchtime and I discovered there was a cafe above the bookshop so I went up. I ordered a coffee and sandwich and sat down at a nearby table. For some reason the atmosphere…Read

Editorial: Tom McGuire

“Row, row, row your boat, Gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, Life is but a dream.” - Nursery rhyme, Anonymous

Hold this magazine in your hands. Touch the paper, hear the pages turn, smell the ink. Feels real, doesn’t it? But what if I suggested that the text you are reading right now, even the place you are and everything in it is nothing but a dream. Your mind resists this idea. Of course it is real, you say. You know it is real. How? There is a deep…Read