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7 March 2012

Wait just a moment, before you begin married life

Here’s ten tips for a great marriage from Friedrich Nietzsche to help you make it succeed.


Friendship is the highest form of love, according to the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, because great friends inspire each other and can even push each other towards the ideal of the Übermensch (German word for superman)

While he was doubtful that many people would be strong enough for this kind of higher relationship, Nietzsche saw friendship as essential to a good marriage. Sex, in contrast creates complications because…Read

With the Wedding Came the ‘Wife’

Marriage was never something that I quite imagined for myself, for a variety of reasons-not the least of which is that I happen to be a lesbian. As a professor of philosophy, well versed in feminist theories, a child of the '80s, marriage was definitely something to eschew. It was, it appeared, a symbol of women’s oppression, hetero-sexism, perpetuation of "traditional" values, etc. The institution of marriage did not connect up with my perception of loving unions, commitment, and the like. So I put it out of my mind completely.

I met Abelina when I…Read

An Intimate History

In 1782 Pierre Choderlos de Laclos published Les Liaisons Dangereuses, a novel about sexual depravity among the French aristocracy. Largely ignored in the nineteenthcentury, since the 1950s Les Liaisons has been performed using countless formats and titles.

Using a tactic common in the eighteenthcentury, Les Liaisons consists of a series of letters in which the characters themselves describe their actions. The book chiefly concerns two characters, the Vicomte de Valmont and his former mistress the Marquise de Merteuil, and their use of intricate sexual schemes to amuse themselves and settle scores. The novel chronicles their efforts to seduce…Read

Much Ado About MARRIAGE

A cynic once said that tying the knot involves three rings: an engagement ring, a wedding ring and suffering. It is true that many marriages are disastrous, and a higher percentage end in failure now than ever before.

However, some people will claim that it is the best thing they ever did. My uncle and aunt found each other at 17 while still in high school, exchanged vows and now enjoy in their 60s, if not ‘marital bliss’ then something reasonably close.

Even philosophers have wives. Marriage raises important philosophical issues, and not just…Read