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26 March 2014

Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class

Owen Jones, a British commentator associated with leftwing politics, analyses class in Britain in Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class.

In the book, Chavs argues that people categorised as the working class in Britain are socially and politically excluded. He asserts that they are openly scorned by privileged classes and are seen as an object of ridicule and disapproval. Attributes associated with them include lawlessness, corruption and laziness.

Chavs is based on in-depth research and wide ranging interviews with media personals, politicians and workers and portrays a disturbing state of inequality and…Read

Marx Internet

With the global financial crisis of 2008, a call to return to the work of Karl Marx seems appropriate, as in 1848 he predicted the downfall of the capitalist economical system. If this reality was predicted over 150 years ago, what from the work of Marx is applicable to the power forces dominant today? Theorists Christian Fuchs and Sebastian Sevignani analyze Marx's critique of capitalism relating to today's Information Age, using the example of the structural workings of internet giant, Facebook and the implications it has on human nature.

Although often misunderstood and overlooked, the work of Marx…Read

Is Marx still relevant

The 19th-century thinker identified exploitation and questioned the automatic self-regulation of a capitalist economy. And, says Marx biographer Jonathan Sperber, there's more

The Guardian, Thursday 16 May 2013 12.00 BST

Is Karl Marx still relevant? He lived in the 19th century, an era very different from our own, if also one in which many of the features of today's society were beginning to take shape. A consideration of the relevance of Marx's ideas in the early 21st century might start with separating their outdated elements from those capable of development in the present.


Marx Was Right: Five Surprising Ways Karl Marx Predicted 2014

Sean McElwee is a researcher and writer based in New York. His work has been featured on Policyshop, Salon, The Atlan- tic and The Rolling Stone.

Recently he wrote an article that ap- peared in 30 Jan 2014 issue of The Roll- ing Stone magazine where he pointed to the fact that Marx predicted that capi- talism would be replaced by communism, and accurately predicted several as- pects of contemporary capitalism, from the Great Recession to the iPhone 5S.

McElwee's Rolling Stone article cites five facts of life in 2014 that Marx's analysis of capitalism correctly…Read

How Marx Came to Discover the Alienation of Labour

Joblessness was liberating for Karl Marx in 1844 -- it meant he could go back to school. His classrooms were Paris' gas-lit cafes and wine cellars, and small offices filled with cigar smoke.

There were no lectures, there were discussions --boisterous gatherings that drew curious passers-by who watched men from many nations shout at one another about the relative merits of socialism, communism, nationalism, liberalism and democracy, and whether governments should be taken by force and rebuilt from the ruins, or whether appeals should be made to the ruling class that fundamental social change was coming.


Marx’s General:

The Revolutionary Life of Friedrich Engels, by Tristram Hunt, Macmillan/Metropolitan, 2009. (First published in Britain as The Frock-Coated Communist: The Revolutionary Life of Friedrich Engels.)

August 24, 2009 -- Socialist Voice -- Most people on the left know that Friedrich Engels was co-author of the Communist Manifesto and Karl Marx's lifelong collaborator. But few of today's radicals know much more than that about the man who built barricades and fought a guerrilla war in Germany in the 1848-49 revolution, the indefatigable organiser who played a decisive role in building the Marxist current from a handful of exiles…Read

Election Year

New Zealand

My parents, who will likely have to keep working well into old age, did get their vindication when I accumulated enough cultural capital through my more poorlypaid, but honourable pursuits to get a few glowing profiles in the mainstream media. And that’s part of the disease that keeps American capitalism going.

The next New Zealand general election will be held to determine the membership of the 51st New Zealand Parliament. It is predicted to take place sometime in September 2014.

The two main political parties are: National and Labour


The American Dream

rewards few, enslaves Sociology is the study of society of the social millions -Bhaskar Sunkara

I've been working odd jobs and starting businesses all my life. It’s a hustler spirit fitting with my immigrant roots, a key part of my identity. Quintessentially American, even. Self-reliance is something I'm proud of – I've always loved Westerns. For an avowed socialist, it's all a bit problematic.

At dawn, I wake up, put on something sharp and work as the publisher of Jacobin magazine – prominent by the slim standards of the American left …Read


Sociology is the study of society of the social millions frameworks within which we live our lives.

It is the study of social life at every level from two person relationships to the rise and fall of nations and civilisations. More than any other discipline it is the meeting place of the social sciences combining its own ideas and methods with insights from history, anthropology, economics, political science, and psychology in an extended examination of the way society works or fails to work.

Conflict theory emphasizes the role of coercion and power in producing social…Read

Food Chain Documentary

Labor Abuses in US Agriculture

Compelling new documentary, "Food Chains," premieres at 2014 Berlin Film Festival to sold-out screenings, generates serious buzz at starstudded festival…

On an average day, 32 million Americans will go grocery shopping, spending approximately 41 minutes per visit at the store. Yet, many Americans know little about the life cycle of their food from farm to table, including the potential abuses that may be taking place out of the public eye.

A new documentary called Food Chain seeks to explore worker's rights in American agriculture. It highlights the lives of…Read

Social Snapchat

Having recently chosen unemployment as my next career move, I volunteered to join the Peace Run throughout Europe for several months. Free accommodation, food and travel. The only catch? Run at least 10 kilometres every day, do presentations at schools and smile whenever the camera appears. It's exhilarating, exhausting and fulfilling. It also makes you realise something amazing: the boundaries that divide human beings from one another are mostly an illusion.

Here's why. When you meet so many children every day from different villages and cities, passing new borders with a bewildering frequency, you somehow get…Read