June 2013

Shall We Dance —Japanese Style

Written by Rob Mason

Masayuki Subo: the director of the popular movie, “Shall We Dance?” explains about the difficulties of bringing his Japanese movie to American audiences, in spite of the communication differences between the two cultures. Subo says that, when he had finished making the movie, he had no idea how popular it would become world-wide.

A married man (Koji Yakusho) is attracted to a woman (Tamiyo Kusakari) and is drawn towards her through their mutual interest in ballroom dancing. The movie displays a balanced combination of Japanese culture with a universal theme of middle age life and love of dance and music.

Definitely an enjoyable, humorous and convincing film about the power of human desire and the inter-relationships and needs of men and women and the way love affairs transcend all of our cultural diversity.

For a detailed review of this award winning film visit: http://www.academia.edu/381165/CROSS-CULTURAL_STUDY_OF_A_MOVIE_SHALL_WE_DANCE_