29 October 2015

2,000 migrants desperately waiting to cross the Slovenian-Austrian border.

The UN estimates more than 700,000 migrants have crossed to Europe by boat so far this year - mainly from war-ravaged Syria. The approach of winter has so far done little to slow the flow. However 2000 migrants waiting at the Slovenian-Austrian border are complaing that there are no aid agencies there only Slovenians selling pizzas.  Surely the question has to be asked where are the aid agencies? It's cold and the migrants have nowhere to sleep, they've had to walk such a long way, surely there should be free hot meals provided for them.  Hot tea, coffee, soup, anything. The're not guilty of any crimes so why can't they be treated with more consideration?

Euronews spoke to Mohammed, a Syrian who says he’s been seeing the same thing for the past 20 days. People, he says, are even selling medical supplies at much higher prices than usual.