29 December 2016

Activists Start 1800 miles Walk From Berlin to Aleppo

'We are all human': Demonstrators demanding peace in Syria begin 1800-mile ... PUBLISHED: 13:07 GMT ...

Hundreds of activists have started to march from Berlin to Aleppo in solidarity with Syrians

Anna Alboth said she could no longer sit and watch news reports without taking action herself. .Polish journalist Anna Alboth, who initiated the idea, stressed that the campaign is not affiliated to any political organisation.

Anna is a press journalist.  She worked for different media in Poland during the last few years (longest with the Gazeta Wyborcza). Since 2000 she was involved in the Young Journalists’ Association Polis, then for many years, on an international level, in the European Youth Press. She organized different media projects all over Europe, ran the Orange Magazine and was part of the the board for its 50 000 person network. This is why she has so many contacts in different countries.  She is still not sure what she likes more: organizing and connecting people or writing.