8 December 2016

Aleppo’s Old City destroyed

Battles continue between pro-government forces and insurgents in Aleppo’s Old City, with Damascus slowly winning back territory. RT’s Lizzie Phelan and her crew were the first journalists to visit the neighborhoods just captured by the government.

Earlier, Russia offered the remaining rebels the opportunity to pull out of the city, while warning that those who refuse the offer and stay will be considered terrorists and, thus, legitimate targets. It was expected that the solution would be backed by the US, but American diplomats abruptly postponed talks scheduled for this week, while withdrawing its own proposal, which reportedly detailed the pullout plan.

One thing that does seem apparent from the film/Video is the fact that the so called rebels were using home made weapons to fight against Russian bombers and new technology.  However, Bashar al Assad is now being hailed as a hero.  inspite of the absence of any kind of code of chivalry. Once the Russian steam-roller arrived the writing was clearly on the walll.