28 October 2015

Germany’s: Angela Merkel holds refugee talks in Turkey with Ahmet Davutoğlu

In spite of some criticisms by observers, the EU is trying to steer the refugee crisis to a positive conclusion.  The current initiative as Kenan Malik explains:  The majority of migrants have come through Turkey, hence the EU's desire to seal a deal with Ankara. The exact terms are still being hammered out, but the EU seems to have promised Turkey up to $3.3bn to help it host Syrian refugees, take back "irregular migrants" who have entered the EU, and block off the migrant route to the EU by "upgrading" its surveillance and patrols.
In return, Turkey has been promised not just cash, but also the easing of visa restrictions on its citizens travelling to the EU, and an "unfreezing" of Turkey's bid for EU membership.

A General Election will be held in Turkey on 1st November 2015 because a previous election in June 2015, produced a hung parliament. The Prime Minister is Ahmet Davutoğlu who is the leader of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) a centre-right, social conservative political party.