News from 02/2013

23 February 2013

The Philosophy of Cricket

“Cricket is inherently a game combining individual and social skills. When you are bowling, batting or running after a ball - you are at your individual best. When you are diving to save a boundary and throwing the ball to the wicketkeeper's gloves, you are a complete team-man." Anupam


16 February 2013

Librarian, Dale Askey Sued by Edwin Mellon Press for Libel

A university librarian: Dale Askey is being sued for millions of dollars after writing a critical blog post referring to a publisher: Edwin Mellon Press as "dubious" and saying its books were often works of "second-class scholarship." Dale Askey says “I offered a fair and professional opinion (about Edwin Mellon Press) and didn’t even remotely think this was a possibility.”  

Librarian: Dale Askey said he’s been told the suit will in no way affect his status at the university. He has not yet filed a statement of defence.  The…Read

3 February 2013

Political Philosophy, Business Ethics

How can people run their collective affairs without sacrificing individual rights to collective order? What is the basis of the state’s authority over its citizens? Should that authority be absolute or limited by constitutional checks and individual rights? What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in terms of Global Capitalism? Risk Management, Internal Audit, Safety Checks and Security are all part of CSR within a company.