News from 05/2013

23 May 2013

Returning philosophy to the real question of, how we live our lives

Hay-on-Wye lies on the Welsh side of the Welsh/English Border in the County of POWYS, Wales and from tomorrow, thousands of Londoners will be among those decamping to Hay-on-Wye for How the Light Gets In, the world’s largest philosophy festival. Run by the Angel-based Institute of Art and Ideas, it has expanded dramatically since its 2009 launch, with 35,000 visitors last year."I think we’ve helped bring a cultural shift," says founder Hilary Lawson, "philosophy is more accessible to everyone now."



11 May 2013

Teleology and Metabolism

In an earlier edition of Café Philosophy entitled ‘Momentary Man’ we published (April 2012) a theory by Bertrand Russell in which it was stated that a human being is forever changing, moment by moment and is therefore never the same.  This same theory is enunciated in a book by Luca Illetterati and Francesca Michelini: Purposiveness, Teleology between Nature and Mind.  I have included some notes from this book to add further light on this subject.- Rob Mason.

Definition: teleology (tĕl'ēŏl'əjē, tē'lē-), in philosophy, term…Read