News from 06/2014

29 June 2014

EU leaders offer David Cameron Hope

Britain forced a vote to block the selection of Jean-Claude Juncker, seen as a backer of closer political union, but EU states voted 26-2 in his favour. The BBC's Europe editor Gavin Hewitt said Mr Cameron's fight against Mr Juncker was part of a wider struggle to reform the EU. Mr Cameron sees the appointment as handing more power to the European Parliament and taking it away from the heads of government, he said. He added that the U.K. prime minister needed a shift in power back to national parliaments in order to…Read

28 June 2014

In search of the missing voters

As the election draws near, there is more and more talk about "getting out the vote", and with good reason. To 'Get out the vote operations (GOTV)' can mean the difference between success and defeat at the next New Zealand General Election, scheduled for Saturday 20 September 2014.




25 June 2014

22 June 2014

Murals with a message

San Juan, Puerto Rico’s picturesque capital, is known around the world for its charming 16th- and 17th-century Spanish colonial buildings. But southeast of the Old Town, in the formerly run down Santurce barrio (neighbourhood), street artists have transformed some of the most derelict facades into vibrant murals that might just say more about Puerto Rico than any renowned city-centre museum could hope to. (Luke Waterson)



15 June 2014

Hidden Truths of Existence Revealed by Simon’s Cat

Simon Tofield's smash-hit internet series might seem just an amusing cartoon. But through the antics of his animated pet cat, the great philosophical questions of life are posed and answered.


4 June 2014

Indian artists use street art to spread social messages

Almost non-existent in Delhi a few years ago, street art is now becoming more and more popular.

A two-month street art festival hosted by the city this year was welcomed by artists, public and even the authorities.

Now more and more street artists in Delhi are using walls and fences to create works of art and spread social messages. But some still feel they don't have total freedom of expression.

BBC Hindi's Sushil Jha reports from Delhi.



3 June 2014

The EU’s greatest achievement is that it has maintained peace on the European continent

The economic tide is swinging in favour of the pro-Europeans. Much of the EU has been late to catch the global upswing, but even the weaker economies are starting to benefit. They will gain also from the tough measures taken over the past few years. Further, the conclusion of a successful free-trade pact with the United States would hammer home the message that union can deliver more wealth than individual endeavour. It is also easy to forget the EU's greatest achievement, that of delivering peace to a continent scarred previously by never-ending conflict. Voters have indicated their national…Read

2 June 2014