News from 09/2014

29 September 2014

Thousands Protest over Beijing’s decision to select Political Candidates in Hong Kong

Protesters are angry at changes to Hong Kong's political system which will allow direct elections but from a pool of candidates approved by Beijing. Tensions have escalated since late August, when Beijing announced its highly restrictive framework for the 2017 election, touted as the first time Hong Kong's 5 million eligible voters out of a population of 7.2 million will enjoy universal suffrage. Only two to three candidates can be on the ballot, and they will be picked by a Beijing-friendly committee.





16 September 2014

Let’s Stick Together

British PM David Cameron, in his last speech before voters decide Thursday on Scottish independence, is appealing for Scots not to turn their backs on the best family of nations in the world.





15 September 2014

“It’s a clear choice” John Key

This Saturday is voting day, your opportunity to really become involved!



14 September 2014

Scottish independence: Thousands on the streets for weekend campaign

Thousands of supporters of both sides in the Scottish referendum debate took to the streets on the final weekend before the vote.

The pro-independence Yes Scotland campaign had said Saturday would be the "biggest day of national campaigning" Scotland has ever seen.

The Better Together campaign claimed there would be "a thousand events all across Scotland today".

Supporters of both sides argued that the momentum was with them.

The BBC's James Cook speaks to both sides on the final weekend of campaigning<…Read

7 September 2014

Scottish independence

On 18 September voters will be asked the Yes/No question: "Should Scotland be an independent country?"

The final push for votes comes as a a YouGov poll for the Sunday Times suggested that, of those who have made up their mind, 51% planned to back independence, while 49% intended to vote no.

Having spent last week in Glasgow, I would say the biggest variable is going to be turnout. When political enthusiasm reaches the relatively apolitical world of the council estate, the pub, the nightclub and energises people, turnout can do weird things to poll predictions. Alex…Read