News from 10/2014

28 October 2014

The Labour Party Leadership

The four contenders for the Labour Party leadership: Andrew Little, Nanaia Mahuta, David Parker and Grant Robertson, are making their bid to party members in Nelson tonight. Nelson is a city on the eastern shores of Tasman Bay, and is the economic and cultural centre of the Nelson region. Established in 1841, it is the second-oldest settled city in New Zealand and the oldest in the South Island.



23 October 2014

The Labour Leadership Debate

Grant Robertson, Nanaia Mahuta, David Parker and Andrew Little attended a meeting in Wellington on Wednesday night for the first of 14 husting meetings across the country to enable party members to select a leader for the NZ Labour Party. 

Grant Robertson said at the meeting that: "I give you this commitment, a Labour government I lead will legislate for fair wages, collective bargaining and the rights of all workers to be upheld." Robertson was re-elected in the Wellington Central electorate in the September 2014 general election.  His bid for the party's leadership…Read

18 October 2014

Security Council win for NZ

New Zealand will again sit at the most powerful table in the world after winning a coveted seat on the United Nations Security Council. More than two-thirds of the UN General Assembly voted for New Zealand while Spain won the second temporary seat.


2 October 2014

Joshua Wong

Joshua Wong (born 13 October 1996) is a Hong Kong student activist who is the convenor and founder of the Hong Kong student activist group Scholarism




1 October 2014

Students Demand True Democracy in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's first direct elections are set for 2017, but the recent move by the Chinese government saying the special committee will screen the candidates is seen as reneging on a promise that the chief executive will be chosen through "universal suffrage."