News from 02/2015

21 February 2015

Greece, euro zone agree four-month loan extension

(Reuters) - Euro zone finance ministers agreed in principle on Friday to extend Greece's financial rescue by four months, averting a potential cash crunch in March that could have forced the country out of the currency area.

The deal, to be ratified once Greece's creditors are satisfied with a list of reforms it will submit next week, ends weeks of uncertainty since the election of a leftist-led government in Athens which pledged to reverse austerity.

"Tonight was a first step in this process of rebuilding trust," Jeroen Dijsselbloem, chairman of the 19-nation Eurogroup,…Read

18 February 2015

Mark Lowen reports from the Greek island of Aegina

Alexis Tsipras is trying to negotiate a better deal for his country's massive debt, and an end to what he calls dead-end austerity policies.

The Greek philosopher Plato came from Aegina, and each year many people visit Aegina to see his hometown.



15 February 2015

Greece: hanging tough for better eurozone deal?

The new Greek government wants its debt burden eased. It wants to be freed from its bailout programme. It wants to ditch many of the unpopular and painful policies that were forced on Athens in return for its economic bailout.



13 February 2015

Compromise possible, says Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said a compromise is possible in the stand-off with Greece over its bailout terms.

The Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said as he arrived in Brussels for the summit that he was "very confident" a solution could be found to what he called the EU's "humanitarian crisis".

Mrs Merkel suggested there was negotiating room: "Europe always aims to find a compromise and this is the cornerstone of Europe's success."



12 February 2015

Athens’ new philosopher kings

The era of bold, progressive ideas restricted to the confines of the academy of bearded men talking about obscure texts produced in Italy in the 1970s is over. The idea of the public intellectual and the intellectual as politician is back. It’s a refreshing change. by Yiannis Baboulias,



11 February 2015

Greece prepares for emergency debt meeting with EU

At talks kicking off with an emergency meeting of eurozone finance ministers on Wednesday 11 Feb, Greece will plead its case for stop-gap financing, with a view to clinching an austerity-free reform deal to run from September 1.

Source: Aljazeera

Tomorrow, not just in Greece, but all across Europe (e.g. Portugal, UK) there will be protests in favor of the Greek government and a Europe for and of the People, not a Europe for banks and eurocrats. Greek, Portuguese or Irish people never got a dime from…Read

1 February 2015

The Place of Greece is in the Eurozone

The EU Commissioner for Economic and Financial affairs Pierre Moscovici has told BBC Hardtalk "the place of Greece is in the eurozone".




Angela Merkel is in no mood to negotiate

Mrs Merkel, the German Chancellor, has ruled out any cancellation of Greece's debt and said the country has already received substantial cuts from banks and creditors.