News from 06/2015

28 June 2015

Cash withdrawl Restrictions Imminent

In Greece, queues have formed outside banks amid concerns that the Greek central bank might start restricting withdrawals.




24 June 2015

Omne vivum ex vivo

Biogenesis is the production of new living organisms or organelles. The law of biogenesis, attributed to Louis Pasteur, is the observation that living things come only from other living things, by reproduction (e.g. a spider lays eggs, which develop into spiders). That is, life does not arise from non-living material, which was the position held by spontaneous generation.[1][2] This is summarized in the phrase Omne vivum ex vivo, Latin for "all life [is] from life." A related statement is Omnis cellula e cellula, "all cells [are] from cells;" this observation is one of the central statements of cell…Read

23 June 2015

Latest debt plan accepted, according to Greece’s economy minister, Giorgos Stathakis

Greece's economy minister has spelled out the terms of new proposals to end deadlock on its debt crisis, amid hopes a deal can now be struck this week. The Greek PM Alexis Tsipras, who has ruled out pension cuts, higher power rates, and an excessive budget surplus, said he hoped Greece would "return to growth within the eurozone. According to eurozone stakeholders there could now be a deal with Greece "within days."



17 June 2015

Is it the end of the line for Greece?

Greece needs the money to avoid falling in default on its loans, but it has refused to agree to more tough reforms and austerity measures required by the IMF, European Central Bank and European Commission.



10 June 2015

The prototype bike that hopes to fly

The team of flight enthusiasts at Bay Zoltan Nonprofit Ltd., a state-owned applied research institute in Hungary, has taken the concept of a personal flight tricopter from the drawing board to its first manned flight at Miskolc Airfield in northeast Hungary on March 7.



5 June 2015

Greek Debt Crisis - Latest Update

For all the smiling and calm displayed by Alexis Tsipras after the emergency Brussels meeting last night, the Greeks know they came off the worst.

Watch more: Paul Mason (Channel 4, an entirely UK-wide TV channel) on Greece’s looming debt deadline



3 June 2015

Starved of aid and access to bond markets, Athens is precipitously close to running out of money.

The joint effort by the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund to set out the terms for a cash-for-reforms deal came after the leaders of Germany and France held emergency talks with those institutions in Berlin yesterday to press the lenders to bridge their own differences and find a solution.

Despite defiant rhetoric and face-saving efforts, the Greek leader seems likely to have to swallow painful pension and labour reforms, facing the choice between putting them to parliament at the risk of a revolt in his Syriza party, or calling…Read