News from 09/2015

30 September 2015

29 September 2015

Success for Some Syrian Migrants

From war torn Syria to Gothernburg, Sweden: One migrant's 2,000-mile journey. It took 2 weeks through 9 countries and cost 3000 euros.





28 September 2015

Basher Hafez al-Assad is the President of Syria

Bashar Hafez al-Assad is the President of Syria, commander-in-chief of Syrian Armed Forces, General Secretary of the ruling Ba'ath Party and Regional Secretary of the party's branch in Syria. The Ba'ath Party, and indirectly the Syrian Regional Branch, was established in 7 April 1947 by Michel Aflaq (a Christian), Salah al-Din al-Bitar (a Sunni Muslim) and Zaki al-Arsuzi (an Alawite). According to the congress, the party was "nationalist, populist, socialist, and revolutionary" and believed in the "unity and freedom of the Arab nation within its homeland." The party opposed the theory of class conflict, but supported the nationalisation…Read

26 September 2015

Ali Mohammed Baqir al-Nimr - Jeremy Corbyn raises death row Saudi’s case with David Cameron

David Cameron should urge Saudi Arabia to commute the horrific sentence of a Ali Mohammed Baqir al-Nimr who could be executed there "any day", U.K Labour Leader: Jeremy Corbyn says.

Legal conditions of al-Nimr's case included refusal by authorities of regular access to his lawyer, refusal to allow him pen and paper, refusal to allow his lawyer to cross-examine witnesses, and the failure of authorities to inform al-Nimr's lawyer about the dates of several court hearings. Al-Nimr's appeal was heard in secret.

In 2015, supporters in the United Kingdom put…Read

25 September 2015

The world is in the grip of its worst refugee crisis since the second world war.

The Refugee Council’s advocacy manager, Anna Musgrave, said: “We have a proud tradition of protecting refugees. We’re not living up to it. It’s extremely disappointing. What’s needed in the U.K is real leadership on this.” The political conversation in Germany has been markedly different. This week Angela Merkel used the language of shared European ideals and said the continent as a whole had to deal with the problem. “If Europe fails on the question of refugees, its close connection with universal civil rights will be destroyed,…Read

24 September 2015

Syrian Migrants Desperately Escaping to the European Union

Migrants escaping Syria, Afghanistan, Africa and elsewhere are taking advantage of the calm summer conditions to make daily attempts to cross the Aegean sea between the Bodrum peninsula and Kos, a distance of only four kilometers (2.5 miles), one of the narrowest waterways between Turkey and the European Union. Approximately 1,000 people arrive every day, in flimsy inflatable boats through the darkness from the Turkish coast. Kos or Cos (is a Greek island, part of the Dodecanese island chain in the south eastern Aegean Sea, off the Anatolian coast of Turkey.<…Read

21 September 2015

The Battle of Britain - “This was their finest hour”

Battle of Britain aircraft take to skies for 75th anniversary

The anniversary attended by Prince Charles included a flypast of Spitfires and Hurricanes in honour of the pilots, aircrew and ground crews who took part in the 1940 campaign.



Prime Minister: AlexisTsipras Returned to Power in Greece

Now, after all the heartache it seems to be coming together!

Jeroen Dijsselbloem, who heads the Eurogroup meetings of eurozone finance ministers, said he was "ready to work closely" with the new Greek government. "Now a solid government ready to deliver is needed quickly," said European Parliament president Martin Schulz, offering his congratulations.



20 September 2015

Greeks Now Sick of Elections

Greece requires more unity not continual elections.  Will Tsipras be lucky yet again, it would seem doubtful?



U.S Presidential Elections 2016

In the U.S the Presidential elections are held every four years.  The next election is due November 8th 2016. In the 2012 election, incumbent President Barack Obama defeated former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, with 51.1% of the popular vote. In the U.S there are two, main political parties, Democratic and Republican.  American politics has largely been the story of the battle of the Democrats versus their closely matched adversary, the Republican Party. A 2011 USA Today review of state voter rolls indicates that Democrats are the largest political party with more than 42 million voters (compared with 30 million Republicans and 24…Read

19 September 2015

Jeremy Corbyn has finalised his frontbench line-up

Jeremy Corbyn has finalised his frontbench line-up, appointing a peer jailed for arson to his education team. Lord Watson - a former MP and MSP - was given a 16-month jail sentence in 2005 for starting a fire at an Edinburgh hotel. He was suspended from the party, but regained the whip in 2012. The Scottish National Party (SNP) said his appointment as an education spokesman was "bizarre".



13 September 2015

12 September 2015

Jeremy Corbyn: it’s time for a new kind of politics

With the polls finally closed and with his supporters confident that he has gone from being a 200-1 outsider to an astonishing winner, Corbyn plans to follow an acceptance speech by speaking to tens of thousands due to march in London on Saturday in support of refugees. He is determined to foster what he regards as a new social movement that has emerged this summer inside the wider labour movement.


7 September 2015

Jeremy Corbyn, Genuine, Real, Sincere

The success of Jeremy Corbyn is in his approach.  He is not a typical Westminster politician, he actually believes what he says.



4 September 2015

The battle for the modernisation of the UK. Labour party”

UK. Labour leader front-runner Jeremy Corbyn's campaign is "guided by ideas of social justice and prosperity for all rather than a select few". He wants "a strategic approach in which business, the state and the population work co-operatively to create wealth; and for that wealth to reach all sections of society and all regions of the UK."