News from 11/2015

30 November 2015

Jeremy Corban Against Syria Air Strikes

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been explaining why he believes air strikes against Syria will not ''solve the problem that is there''. He said he was concerned there would be civilian casualties, no matter how targeted the bombing campaign.



29 November 2015

27 November 2015

UK air strikes in Syria.

British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is facing the threat of resignations from his shadow cabinet amid a split over his stance on UK air strikes in Syria. Speaking on BBC Question Time, Ken Livingstone, recently appointed to Labour's defence review team, said he suspected its MPs would be given a "free vote" on Syria, meaning they would not be forced to follow a party line. However in a book entitled Why I Write, George Orwell has this to say: As I write, civilized human beings flying overhead are trying to kill me. They do not feel…Read

25 November 2015

Afghans Face Uncertain Future in Wary Europe

Officially the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, is a landlocked country located within South Asia and Central Asia. It has a population of approximately 32 million, making it the 42nd most populous country in the world. It is bordered by Pakistan in the south and east; Iran in the west.

However, as a result of the persistent influx of Afghan refugees into Germany, a new campaign has been launched asking potential refugees to think twice before they embark on their perilous journeys.<…Read

24 November 2015

Bread for Thousands in Reyhanli

Reyhanli has changed dramatically over the past five years. As the war in Syria has dragged on, the sleepy border town has become a major transit hub, the first port of call for refugees crossing over from Aleppo and Idlib.

Every day, dozens of families make their way through the town, their lives packed away in a few suitcases. People move in one direction and aid flows in the other.

A barren room with a socket to plug a shaver in is as good a…Read

Syrian Refugees to live in Powys, Wales the county council has confirmed.

Councillor Darren Mayor, cabinet member for housing and property, said: "We have identified Ystradgynlais and Newtown as communities that are well placed to receive Syrian refugees because of the availability of family housing and capacity in local schools." The first families are expected to arrive before the end of March 2016, he added.



23 November 2015

21 November 2015

20 November 2015

Glasgow Welcomes Refugees

About 100 Syrian refugees arrived in Glasgow on Tuesday as part of the British government’s new resettlement scheme announced in September.

Source: The Middle East Eye



19 November 2015

Egypt’s state prosecutor killed in Cairo bomb attack

The President of the Arab Republic of Egypt is Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, commonly known as: Sisi. He assumed office: 8 June 2014. As chief of the Egyptian Armed Forces, Sisi ousted President Mohammed Morsi amidst an uprising in 2013, launching a bloody crackdown that left 1,400 dead and 16,000 detained. As Russian investigators on Tuesday concluded that a bomb caused the crash of a Russian plane in the Sinai Peninsula last month, the regime of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is facing its most severe crisis to date. Other countries have also suspended flights in the area, and tourists have been fleeing in droves.<…Read

18 November 2015

Al-Raqqah, also called Rakka, is a city in Syria

Al-Raqqah, also called Rakka, is a city in Syria located on the north bank of the Euphrates River, about 160 kilometres east of Aleppo. French defence officials say that, for the second time in less than 24 hours, fighter jets have targeted Raqqa, the de-facto capital of the Islamic State of Iraq. However, In recent months, people have fled to Raqqa from places they perceive to be more dangerous. Moreover with both Russia and France bombing Rakka and essential services being destroyed surely this will only have a flow-on effect of the refugee crisis.…Read

17 November 2015

How should France deal with aftermath of Paris attacks?

Inside Story

Presenter: Adrian Finighan is an English journalist.  He is based at AJE’s World headquarters in Doha: the capital city of the State of Qatar.


Bruno Tertrais - Senior Research Fellow at the Foundation for Strategic Research and former policy adviser to the French Ministry of Defence.

Robert Wesley - President of the Terrorism Research Initiative.

Eugenio Lilli - Founder Chairperson, King’s College London, US Foreign Policy Research.

Source: Al Jazeera 


16 November 2015

War and Conflict

In its first air strikes against ISIL since the Paris attacks, 12 warplanes, including 10 fighter bombers, dropped 20 bombs on the targets on Sunday night, the French defence ministry said.The planes left from Jordan and the United Arab Emirates and the strikes were conducted in coordination with US forces, the ministry said. Water and electricity were cut across the city as a result of the raids, the group said, adding that at least 30 air strikes had been carried out.

US President Barack Obama, pledged to "redouble" US efforts to eliminate ISIL, but offered no details about what the…Read

15 November 2015

The SyrianConflict

Speeches at the United Nations by Presidents Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin in late September 2015 put forth radically different and conflicting visions for how to solve the Syrian conflict. Meetings between the two leaders afterwards only further highlighted the gaps between US and Russian thinking on the Syrian conflict, particularly with regards to the future of President Bashar al-Assad and his role in a political transition process.

As the international community debates these competing Russian and US visions for Syria, a third vision is unfolding on the ground that may yet prove to have the most traction…Read

14 November 2015

Glasgow & West Scotland Helping with Refugees

Refugees will be settled in homes across the UK with the help of local authorities which have pledged their support. The Home Office has confirmed offers from more than 45 local authorities - including 17 in Scotland which have committed to taking in refugees before Christmas.



Terrorism Strikes at the Eagles of Death Metal Concert in Paris

A terrorist attack took place on Friday 13 November at the at the Bataclan theatre in Paris. The theatre is located at 50 boulevard Voltaire in the 11th arrondissement of Paris and is known for it's eclectic programme of events, including rock and pop concerts, "spectacles", stand-up comedy, discos and café-théâtre. The American rock band: Eagles of Death Metal were playing a sold-out concert at the time of the attack. The shooting started approximately 60 minutes into the start of the concert. An eye witness said that: “three terrorists started shooting from a balcony…Read

13 November 2015

What happens after refugees have arrived in the host country

The huge problem of re-settling and looking after international refugees after they’ve arrived in the host country presents many problems.  In this attached film clip from Aljazeera, 3 experts answer some of the ways this is accomplished  

Presenter Martine Dennis  


Elizabeth Collett is Director of Migration Policy Institute Europe and Senior Advisor to MPI's Transatlantic Council on Migration. She is based in Brussels, and her work focuses in particular on European migration and immigrant integration policy.  

Nando Sigona is…Read

12 November 2015

Religious pluralism is a about the diversity of religious belief systems co-existing in a society

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh abbreviated as RSS is a right-wing volunteer, Hindu nationalist, non-governmental organisation. It is the world's largest voluntary non-governmental organisation. RSS states that its ideology is based on the principle of selfless service to India. The RSS was founded on 27 September 1925 as a social organisation to provide character training through Hindu discipline and to unite the Hindu community. It proclaims its ideal as upholding Indian culture and civilizational values more than anything else. It was set up as an alternative to the politics of mass anti-colonial struggle. However, RSS volunteers participated in various political and social…Read

11 November 2015


Permanent Secretary Mark Sedwill said the UK was "on track" to meet David Cameron's target of receiving 1,000 Syrian refugees by Christmas. "There are a series of charter flights over the next few weeks in order to meet that objective." Almost three million people have fled across Syria's borders to escape the Syrian civil war that has engulfed the country. The daily flow of men, women and children has become one of the largest forced migrations since World War Two. Deraa - the starting point of the uprising - Homs and Aleppo have seen most people flee. New…Read

10 November 2015

Germany shines as Refugee Destination

It is truly amazing that so many refugees could have travelled so far and reached their chosen destination in Germany, for inspite of all the setbacks along the way, they made it!  The film clips attached to this article attest to the fact that thousands of people have successfully completed a complex operational journey, a hazardous journey to say the least and not only the journey but also settling into the facilities and wider infrastructurer when they arrived. 

In todays world some things can appal the viewer…Read

9 November 2015

Thousands of people have taken to the streets in Madrid to demonstrate against violence in the home

Help for family violence

Family violence is a crime. It is not a private matter. People in violent relationships often cannot help themselves. They need your help.

In an emergency dial 111 and ask for the Police. Your call could save a life. Ignoring family violence could result in serious injury or death. Nearly half of all homicides in New Zealand are related to family violence.



8 November 2015

The Italian village where migrants are welcome.

One man set up Citta Futura (City of the Future) with the ambition to both help the refugees and revive what was then a dying rural village. That man later became mayor: Domenico Lucano, whom everyone affectionately calls Mimmo.

Taking in refugees allowed the village to preserve basic public services such as schools, but also shops and businesses that had virtually disappeared, Lucano said: “The arrival of these people fueled dynamics that created hope. For the people who arrived, but also for the people here.”

Riace’s population has since more…Read

7 November 2015

Romanian people disappointed with their whole political system,

The Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta has resigned after some 20,000 people took to the streets to protest over a nightclub fire that killed 32 people. In September, Mr Ponta became the first sitting Romanian prime minister to go on trial charged with corruption. He faces allegations of fraud, tax evasion and money.However the Romanian people are expressing a broader discontent that goes beyond one government or the other. Distrust with the political elite is far reaching in Romania, that people are simply demanding a clean slate.

Daniel Brett …Read

6 November 2015

5 November 2015

Will the Migrant crisis decide Angela Merkel’s future?

Western Europe's most powerful leader will survive - for now. Angela Merkel has struck a truce with a key right-wing coalition partner unhappy about her stance on migration.

Angela Merkel's nickname Mutti captures the sense of a leader of homely, sensible authority and comforting common sense.

Mark Mardell-The World this Weekend



4 November 2015

Chancellor Angela Merkel has reiterated calls for other EU members to take in more refugees

With talk of a million or more asylum seekers arriving on German territory this year alone, Merkel’s coalition is increasingly divided. I am working on reducing the number of refugees,” she said in Darmstadt on Monday at a meeting of her CDU party.

“I just don’t think – and I am speaking to those who believe that we should close Germany’s border with Austria – that this will solve the problem.”




3 November 2015

A German village of 102 inhabitants takes in 750 asylum seekers.

The German village of Sumte, population 102, braces for an influx of 750 asylum seekers.

So many setbacks, hardships, drownings and right wing protesters, but in some places the plan does work.  Thank goodness for human kindness, the German villagers of Sumte and Angela Merkel.




Migrant crisis: Monthly record of 218,000 reach EU by sea inspite of drownings

A monthly record of 218,394 migrants and refugees reached Europe by sea in October, the UN says, almost as many as the total number of arrivals in 2014. The number reaching Greece was 210,265, and for Italy it was 8,129, according to the UNHCR. Many are refugees from Syria. At least 70 people have drowned trying to reach Greek islands in the past week.


Syrian rebels use caged captives as ‘human shields’

Syrian rebel groups have locked people in cages and driven them to areas near Damascus to use as human shields against heavy government air raids."After what happened in the city of Douma and the whole of eastern Ghouta, most people decided to place those prisoners from the Alawite sect and high-ranking regime officers in cages so they can taste our misery," said Bara Abdul Rahman, a media activist in the video.

Douma is regularly targeted by government air strikes. A medical centre run by Doctors Without Borders (MSF) was bombed on Friday killing 70 and leaving at…Read

2 November 2015

The Justice and Development(AK) Party has won 49 percent of the vote

Republican People's Party (CHP) came in second place with 25.85 percent and The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) won 12 percent.

The pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) won 10.45 percent, just above the 10-percent threshold to enter Parliament. As a democratic socialist and anti-capitalist party, the HDP aspires to fundamentally challenge the existing Turkish-Kurdish divide and other existing parameters in Turkish politics. The party's programme places a strong emphasis on environmentalism, minority rights and egalitarianism. Selahattin Demirtas is co-leader of the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP).…Read

1 November 2015

Turkish Election

Turkey is in the process of holding its second parliamentary election in five months.  The results of the election should be available later today. However Sunday's Zaman, a major, high-circulation daily newspaper, has commented that: there are rumors circulating that some members of the interim ruling, Justice and Development Party (AK Party) may attempt to rig ballot boxes to be able to come to power alone, without a coalition party.