News from 06/2016

26 June 2016

Britain Leaves on a Cry of Anger and Frustration

The anticipation of a calamity is never the same as the calamity. For all that was said and written about what would or could happen if Britain voted to quit the European Union, nothing quite matches the shock and confusion that Britain and the world felt on Friday.

Somehow the commentators and politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen had assumed that for all the isle’s insularity, for all the familiar euroskepticism and grousing about immigrants, when the time came Britons would revert to form and remain in their proper place in the front ranks of the Western…Read

25 June 2016

Who Is to Blame for Brexit’s Appeal?

By MARTIN FLETCHER JUNE 21, 2016 - Martin Fletcher is a former foreign and associate editor of The Times of London.

LONDON — No one should be surprised that Britain could vote to leave the European Union on Thursday. For decades, British newspapers have offered their readers an endless stream of biased, misleading and downright fallacious stories about Brussels. And the journalist who helped set the tone — long before he became the mayor of London or the face of the pro-Brexit campaign — was Boris Johnson.


5 June 2016

European Union with a June 23 referendum - UK

Russia Sees 'Brexit' Weakening European Resolve, Analysts Say

“Russia is openly supporting political forces on the radical left and on the radical right that are openly against the idea of the European Union and calling for the abolition of the European Union,” said Peter Kreko, director of the Political Capital Institute research institution in Budapest, via Skype.

Political analysts say the Kremlin hopes a British exit will weaken European resolve against a resurgent Russia and lead to the lifting of Western sanctions. Although still marginal, European political voices have grown in France, Germany,…Read

3 June 2016

A “Stalingrad” in Syria is what the Syrian government and its allies are considering

There are Russian voices within the government and military pushing for a ground operation.

Russia's intervention in Syria has been costly - billions of dollars have already been spent, and the country is suffering from an economic crisis.

The Kremlin never wanted a permanent war, and it can't just pull out of a conflict that has brought it back into the international arena.

That is why some analysts suggest a "Stalingrad" in Syria is what the Syrian government and its allies need - a final battle to decisively end the…Read