News from 10/2016

2 October 2016

12 months have passed since Russia entered Syria’s war

Russian pilots are accused of targeting civilians and backing the Syrian regime suspected of using chemical weapons and barrel bombs on its own citizens.

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Assaad Al Achi - Executive director, Baytna Syria and Former Syria National Council Member

Robert Ford - Former US ambassador to Syria

Pavel Felgenhauer - Military analyst

Source: Al Jazeera News



1 October 2016

US Involvement in Russion Bombing of Syria

 U.S. President Barack Obama has strongly condemned the "barbarous Russian and Syrian regime airstrikes" on civilians in eastern Aleppo.

The White House says Obama spoke by telephone Thursday with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Both agreed that Russia and the Assad regime bear a "special responsibility" for stopping the fighting and letting humanitarian aid get in.

Secretary of State John Kerry said earlier the U.S. is "on the verge" of suspending diplomatic talks with Russia because of Moscow's continued bombing of rebels in eastern Aleppo.

A monitoring group said Friday…Read

September 30 anniversary of Russian Bombing of Aleppo

More than 9,000 people, including nearly 4,000 civilians, have been killed in one year of Russian air raids in Syria, according to a monitoring group, said the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR). as fierce fighting near the besieged city of Aleppo continues.

Russia launched an air campaign on September 30 last year in support of Syrian government forces, in a military intervention that has been widely credited with helping turn the balance of power in favour of President Bashar al-Assad