News from 08/2017

26 August 2017

Germany’s general election, 24 September

Hopes in Europe are now high that an Angela Merkel victory – her CDU (Christian Democrat Union) party has a double-digit lead in the polls – could, with France’s reformist president, Emmanuel Macron now installed in the Élysée, usher in far-reaching, and necessary, EU reform.


22 August 2017

Leisure and Idleness

Leisure and Idleness—There is something of the American Indians, something of the ferocity peculiar to the Indian blood, in the American lust for gold and the breathless haste with which they work—the distinctive vice of the new world—is already beginning to infect old Europe with its ferocity and is spreading a lack of spirituality like a blanket. Even now one is ashamed of resting, and prolonged reflection almost gives people a bad conscience.  One thinks with a watch in one’s hand, even as one eats one’s midday meal…Read

15 August 2017

A Firm Reputation

A firm reputation – used to be extremely useful; and wherever society is still dominated by the herd instinct it is still most expedient for everyone to pretend his character and occupation are unchangeable, even if at bottom they are not.  “One can depend on him, he remains the same”; In all extremities of society this is the sort of praise that means the most.  Society is pleased to feel that the virtue of this person, the ambition of that one, and the thoughtfulness and passion of the third provide it with a dependable instrument…Read

GELNHAUSEN, Germany (Reuters) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel

 Angela Merkel was booed and whistled at by supporters of the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) at a campaign rally on Monday as she sought to persuade voters to grant her a fourth term in next month's election. Frank Simon, reports.

Merkel acknowledged the protesters at the rally around 40 km (25 miles) east of Frankfurt, saying Germany was a "democracy where people can show their discontent". But she added: "Sometimes listening a bit isn't a bad thing".




13 August 2017

An Aphorism from Freidrich Neitzsche

Whom do you call bad? -- Those who always want to put to shame.

From the Gay Science\

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche was a German philosopher, cultural critic, poet, philologist, and Latin and Greek scholar whose work has exerted a profound influence on Western philosophy and modern intellectual history. Wikipedia Born: 15 October 1844, Röcken Died: 25 August 1900, Weimar, Germany


Merkel starts Germany’s ‘strangest’ election campaign

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has returned from a three-week Alpine holiday to embark Saturday on what may be the most bizarre election campaign in the country's post-war history.

After months of studiously ignoring the race for the September 24 election, Merkel will kick off a series of rallies across the country with an hour-long speech to supporters in the western city of Dortmund.


10 August 2017


In many people, I find an overwhelmingly forceful and pleasurable desire to be a function: they have a very refined sense for all those places where precisely they could “function” and push in those directions.  Examples include those women who transform themselves into some function of a man that happens to be underdeveloped in him, and thus become his purse or his politics or his social ability. Such beings preserve themselves best when they find a fitting place in another organism; if they fail to do this they become grumpy, irritated, and devour themselves.


4 August 2017

Germany votes and the whole world is watching

All eyes are on Germany, now more than ever. Most look on with admiration and appreciation. Some wonder, somewhat jealously, how Germany manages to maintain stability in light of so many challenges and problems. Others fear its renewed rise to power at the heart of Europe. Germany and its chancellor, Angela Merkel, are simultaneously viewed as the EU's last hope and accused of foisting its own rules on Europe for its sole gain as export king and economic wunderkind. Germany heads to the polls on September 24, in an election that will be followed globally.