16 March 2016

Being who you want to be while living in Berlin

Berlin, Germany - Berlin is a kaleidoscope of identities, a colourful blend of cultures and styles. It is an eclectic mix to which the latest wave of Syrian refugees have added their own customs and hopes for the future.

But the city to which they have arrived - escaping their tumultuous present - has been shaped by its own tumultuous past.

In the 20th century, the German capital barely survived two World Wars - at the end of the second it lay mostly in ruins.

The victorious American, Soviet, British and French forces carved the city into four sectors, each rebuilding their zone to their own tastes.

Berlin was then further divided into East and West, straddling two countries for more than 40 years.

So, given Berlin's diversity and complexity, how does a recently established community make its mark on the city?

We follow the stories of eight Syrians creating their own version of Berlin.