24 November 2015

Bread for Thousands in Reyhanli

Reyhanli has changed dramatically over the past five years. As the war in Syria has dragged on, the sleepy border town has become a major transit hub, the first port of call for refugees crossing over from Aleppo and Idlib.

Every day, dozens of families make their way through the town, their lives packed away in a few suitcases. People move in one direction and aid flows in the other.

A barren room with a socket to plug a shaver in is as good a location as any for 13-year old Ahmed to run his barber business. He's one of the thousands of Syrians living in Reyhanli, a city on the Turkish side of the border. The local population of about 62,000 will soon be outnumbered by the Syrian refugees. Many of them are opening small shops, often replicas of what they had back home.