3 December 2015

Britain has started bombing Syria

MPs voted 397 to 223 in favour of bombing Syria.

Aides to Jeremy Corbyn, who was forced by deep divisions in his party to give his MPs a free vote, said he was disappointed that airstrikes were going ahead, but expressed pleasure that a majority of his MPs and just over half the shadow cabinet voted in opposition. The result enhanced Corbyn’s authority, his team said. 

However, Tim Eaton, a project manager for Chatham House's Middle East and North Africa Programme's Syria and its Neighbours Policy Initiative and Chris Phillips a lecturer in the international relations of the Middle East at Queen Mary, University of London said in Prospect magazine that, "These are kneejerk reactions from leaders who must be seen to respond to terrorist acts are not part of a well-considered long-term strategy to defeat and degrade IS, let alone resolve the Syrian conflict which has allowed the extremist group’s growth."