9 April 2016

Egyptian Chief Auditor fired for revealing graft had cost the state an estimated $75bn

Hesham Genena, former head of Egypt's Central Auditing Organisation (CAO), was fired on March 28, months after alleging in a TV interview that an audit found graft had cost the state an estimated $75bn.

Genena was appointed head of CAO in 2012 by former president Mohamed Morsi, a member of the now-outlawed Muslim Brotherhood. Morsi was overthrown by President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi  in July 2013.

Following Genena's allegations, Sisi appointed a fact-checking committee to look into the issue. On January 12 - two weeks after its formation - the committee accused the auditor of exaggerating the figures and misleading the public.

Several rights groups have condemned Genena's firing, saying Sisi's move was incompatible with Egypt's constitution.

CAIRO: Members of the Board of Directors of the Central Auditing Organization are organizing a protest next Sunday in the headquarters of the organization against the attack on the organization and its head judge  Hesham Genena, following the verdict issued against the latter.

Yasser Habib, the spokesperson of the group of members of the Central Auditing Organization told Youm7 that this attack started with the constitutional articles suggested by the governance sub-committee in the 50-member committee. The articles suggested the reduction of the tasks of the organization, appointing the head of the organization by the President, canceling the financial, technical and administrative independence of the organization, and not applying the reports issued by the organization against those who embezzled money.

Habib added that there has been intentional defamation of  the Central Auditing Organization, with false claims that it does not execute its role properly, and claims that its head is a Muslim Brotherhood member, which he is not.

Habib told  Youm7 that the members of the organization held a meeting at 10 am on Tuesday to take immediate action to express their refusal of the first draft of the constitution proposed by the governance sub-committee, and of the suspicion of the organization’s reports, although they have submitted supporting documents in line with the latest international standards.

Genena previously filed a report against Minister of Justice Adel Abdel Hamid, accusing him of corruption and profiteering from his position, which was presented to Attorney General Hisham Barakat.