1 April 2014

Election 2014: Max Rashbrooke on Inequality

Vote Chat is a series of public interviews of politicians, candidates and commentators brought to you by the University of Otago Politics Department. In this chat author and journalist Max Rashbrooke is interviewed by Dr Bryce Edwards.

"A staggering rise in wealth disparity has transformed New Zealand from one of the developed world's most equal nations to one of the most unequal. International bestseller 'The Spirit Level' argued in 2009 that income inequality is the biggest single cause of a huge range of social problems. In contrast, more equal societies are consistently the healthiest, best educated and most free of crime. Max Rushbrooke's book: Inequality addresses these questions in the NewZealand context - a powerful argument from some of the country's leading commentators.."

Inequality: A New Zealand Crisis is available from Auckland Library