5 June 2016

European Union with a June 23 referendum - UK

Russia Sees 'Brexit' Weakening European Resolve, Analysts Say

“Russia is openly supporting political forces on the radical left and on the radical right that are openly against the idea of the European Union and calling for the abolition of the European Union,” said Peter Kreko, director of the Political Capital Institute research institution in Budapest, via Skype.

Political analysts say the Kremlin hopes a British exit will weaken European resolve against a resurgent Russia and lead to the lifting of Western sanctions. Although still marginal, European political voices have grown in France, Germany, Greece and other nations calling for the sanctions to be removed.

Departure of a foe

With a Brexit, the EU would lose one of its strongest opponents of Russian influence in Europe, Kreko said. 

“So it's partially about disintegrating the European Union as a whole and destabilizing it,” he said.  “On the other hand, this is also about Great Britain, which is one of the fiercest critics of Vladimir Putin's Russia.”