25 December 2016

Islamic face veils in Germany - burka and the niqab

German chancellor Angela Merkel tells delegates at the Christian Democratic Union’s conference in Essen, Germany on Tuesday that a ‘full facial veil is inappropriate’ and should be banned. It is the first time she has endorsed her party’s call for a partial ban on burqa and niqab

In a speech on Monday December 6, Mrs Merkel: ”Show your face. The full covering is not permissible and should be banned."

Ukip has long called for a ban Islamic full face veils in Britain and has pointed to laws that exist in other European countries.

The UK does not have a ban on Islamic dress but schools can decide their own dress code and prevent students from wearing face veils.

Physiognomy face reading:

One theory I hadn’t read about before was how the facial expressions are significant in conveying emotions to others.  He says that one person can attract another by smiling inquisitively or can put another off by looking stern and threatening. Apparently facial expression is the primary social signalling system for human emotions and therefore facial expression are central to social communication.  Moreover, since all faces have the same number of features, two eyes, one nose and one mouth the sensory and motor aspects of emotional signalling are universal that is they transcend culture.  It also goes that both the ability to form facial expression and the ability to read another person’s facial expressions are innate.  Thus, neither the sending of emotional and social signals nor the receiving of them requires learning. 





Angela Merkel endorses party’s call for partial ban on burqa and niqab