13 February 2014

Karl Marx: the most influential thinker ever?

A study suggests that Marx is the most influential scholar in the west, followed by Freud. (Guardian Newspaper)

Karl Heinrich Marx (1818-1883) was born on May 5, 1818 in the city of Trier, Germany. He studied at the University of Bonn and the University of Berlin, where he became interested in the philosophical ideas of the Young Hegelians. In 1841 Marx earned his doctorate at Jena with his work on the materialism and atheism of Greek atomists.  After his studies, he wrote for a radical newspaper in Cologne, and began to work out his theory of dialectical materialism. He moved to Paris in 1843, where he began writing for other radical newspapers and met Fredrick Engels, who would become his lifelong friend and collaborator. In 1849 he was exiled and moved to London together with his wife and children where he continued writing and formulating his theories about social and economic activity. He also campaigned for socialism and became a significant figure in the International Workingmen's Association.