24 October 2017

Labour Party wins General Election

As New Zealand adapts to a Government led by Jacinda Ardern and the Labour Party, the leaders from other countries send their congratulations: On Friday, Austarlia's Malcolm Turnbull told 3AW he had congrtulated M/s Ardern and would  work constructively with her.  US president, Donald Trump's administration has congratulated the new Prime Minister, Jacinda Adern on forming the next NZ government. A statement from the U.S Department of State on Saturday (NZT) said the US-New Zealand relationship is strong.

Jacinda Ardern performed a 'near-miracle' to win the election - Helen Clark.

Ardern promised Labour's coalition would deliver on what they had promised on the campaign trail, including higher wages and addressing the housing crisis, water pollution and reducing net migration.

Labours's coalition includes both Green and New Zealand First ministers.

A devoted Labour member since the age of 17, M/s Ardern eventually said 'yes' to the leadership.  Within weeks, support for Labour surged dramatically increasing polling results by 19 points in just over a month. 

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters will be named as Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister when the final Cabinet line-up is revealed later this week.