10 May 2017

A New Leader for South Korea - Moon Jae-in

The outcome of South Korea's presidential contest, while not quite an electoral landslide, certainly represents a seismic shift in the country's political centre of gravity.
Moon Jae-in's success in winning the contest with some 41% of the vote, while not a foregone conclusion, confirmed the expectations of many observers that the population would move leftwards rejecting the trend of the past eight years that has seen conservative candidates occupying the presidential residence, or Blue House, since 2008.

If domestic reform was not enough of a problem, Mr Moon will confront a plethora of foreign policy challenges. Top of the list will be confronting the nuclear threat from Pyongyang. This involves deflecting Kim Jong-un, the 33-year-old North Korean leader, from his single-minded pursuit of nuclear and ballistic missile tests


Dr John Nilsson-Wright