8 October 2015

Nobody Wants to be a Refugee - A conversation with Seyla Benhabib

A question and answer session between; Slawomir Sierakowski and Seyla Benhabib is featured in Eurozine a multilingual cultural e-zine that links up and promotes over 100 cultural journals from all over Europe this week. Questions distinguishing between refugees and migrants and how the difference is unclear are discussed. Seyla Benhabib then explains how the national working classes although unemployed may not want to do some jobs that are available but an Iraqui or Afgahni will do so. Seyia Benhabib explains that there is a strange segmentation in the labour market that cuts across national and ethnic lines.

In terms of refugee responsibility Seyla is very irritated about the following fact: in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq, the United States were directly involved in military action. Now morally, if you have a causal responsibility for creating certain conditions, you also have the responsibility to accept some of the consequences of your actions. The United States, the United Kingdom, France are countries that are still actively militarily involved in these regions in some way or another, and they have a responsibility towards the refugee problem. I'm very disappointed by the reaction of the United States and I'm very disappointed by the United Nations. I think this is not just Europe's burden, and it is not just Europe's responsibility. All countries involved in this region, in the conflict, have to come to the table.

Seyla Benhabib is a Turkish-American philosopher and political scientist and Slawomir Sierakowski is the leader of Krytyka Polityczna, a movement of left-wing intellectuals, artists and activists based in Poland.  Read all the answers from Seyla Benhabib at this website: