25 February 2014

NZ Election News - The adult minimum wage is going up to $14.25 from 1st April this year

More than 100,000 low-paid workers will get a pay rise in little more than a month after the National Government yesterday said the minimum wage would rise by 50c an hour to $14.25 from April 1.

Labour's policy is to lift the minimum wage to $15 within 100 days of taking power and to lift it further within nine months. Labour MP Darien Fenton said the Government had "once again blown an opportunity to give Kiwi workers on the minimum wage a decent pay rise".

Council of Trade Unions economist Bill Rosenberg said the increase was "unfair given several years of stagnating wages, an economy that is starting to grow, and widespread concerns about how that growth will be shared".

The next New Zealand General Election is predicted to be during September 2014.