5 September 2013

Opinion polls predict a convincing win for the Coalition leader Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott leader of the conservative Coalition, is a 56-year-old fitness fanatic, and Rhodes Scholar.
After graduating University with a Bachelor of Economics and a Bachelor of Law, he went on to study at Queen's College, Oxford.   He graduated with a Master of Arts (MA) in Politics and Philosophy.
His biggest election promise is a more generous paid parental leave scheme, offering mothers up to $75,000 for six months' leave at an annual cost of $5.5bn – a policy deeply unpopular with his party and the business community but which Abbott cites as evidence that he and his party "get" the lives and needs of modern women
Abbott is also promising $4bn for city roads in a pitch to suburban commuters angry about traffic jams
He will cut company tax by 1.5%, except for the 3,000 largest businesses who will continue to pay the existing 30% tax rate, but with the final 1.5% now termed a temporary levy to help to pay for the expensive parental leave plan.