25 October 2015

Polands General Election - 25 October 2015

Poland has a population of 38, 443 280
It is having a general election Sunday, 25 October 2015
The present government in Poland is: Civic Platform
In 2011, the Civic Platform political party emerged as the largest party, winning just under 40% of the vote and 207 seats.  Civic Platform (PO) – a centre-right party led by the current Polish prime minister, Ewa Kopacz.

Law and Justice (PiS) – a right-wing party founded in 2001 The PiS’s candidate for prime minister in this election is Beata Szydło
Law and Justice is most strongly supported in rural areas and by those who are close to the country's Catholic Church.

The United Left (Polish: Zjednoczona Lewica, ZL) is a political and electoral alliance of political parties in Poland. The leader and candidate for prime minister is Barbara Nowacka

Three political parties: Civic Platform,(PO)
Law and Justice (PiS)
United Left (ZL)