9 January 2016

Syrian Refugees living in Germany now have their own ‘Arabic’ Newspaper

The newspaper is called "Abwab", Arabic for doors. It's intended readers are Arabic-speaking refugees in Germany. Launched on December 1, 2015, with Ramy Alasheq as its editor-in-chief, the first print run of Abwab hit 25,000 copies and was distributed for free at refugee shelters and community centres across the country. Given its success, a further 10,000 copies needed to be printed.

Abwab is made and run by refugees who work virtually, via Skype and Dropbox, sharing files and discussing editorial angles. Its volunteer contributors are both Syrians and Iraqis, while its layout designer is based in Turkey.

According to government figures, more than one million refugees arrived in Germany last year, including 428,468 Syrians, 154,046 Afghans and 121,662 Iraqis.