27 October 2015

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ policy on the refugee crisis, not stated

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ the democratic candidate for the U.S presidency, continues to prove to supporters he is a man of integrity and wants the election to be based on issues, not publicity. In terms of the Iraq War, Mr. Sanders had the good sense and judgment to know the reasons for going into war were largely fabricated, and he was one of the few to vote against it.
Mr. Sanders has proven throughout his political career that he governs on principle—on what is right—rather than what is best for his popularity at the time. However earlier this month, the Guardian newspaper asked all the then 22 candidates for their refugee policy.  It turned out that almost all of them were resistant to making any pledges. Sanders’ refusal to state a clear policy over refugees came at a time when the US is facing scrutiny over its response to the crisis. So far the country has allowed in only 1,500 Syrians – a minuscule number compared with the influx to Jordan, Turkey and other countries.