12 December 2015

Stop the War dinner attended by Jeremy Corbyn

Anyone who advocates continuing the war with Syria should read Eugene Rogun's "The Fall of the Ottomans," particularly chapter 8, The Ottoman Triumph at Gallipoli.  "The invasion force that Lord Kitchener had hoped to keep to, 75,0000 men had swelled to nearly half a million by the end of the campaign - 410,000 Britons and 79,000 French.  The Turkish army peaked at 310,000 men in Gallipoli (many of them wounded once or more and returning to service.  Of the roughly 800,000 men who fought in Gallipoli, over 500,000 were wounded, taken prisoner or killed in conflict. The casualty figures were neatly divided between defenders and invaders in the eight-and-a-half-month struggle for mastery of the Dardanelles. 205,000 British and dominion casualties, 47,000 French and imperial soldiers and between 250,000 and 290,000 Ottomans. As many as 142,500 men died in Gallipoli: 86,500 Turks, 42,000 British and dominion troops and 14,000 French and imperial soldiers"  The Ground Campaign in Gallipoli Lasted 259 DAYS, Between the Landings on 25 April 1915 and the final evacuation from Helles on 9th January 1916." The Fall of the Ottomans - The Great War in the Middle East 1914 - 1920 by Eugene Rogan