7 December 2016

Syrian troops enter Aleppo’s Old City, poised for war’s biggest victory

Syrian government forces have reclaimed five more districts in the eastern part of Aleppo, according to the Russian Center for Reconciliation. Some reports suggest up to 85 percent of the area, previously controlled by rebels, has now been liberated

“By the evening of December 6, the Syrian army established full control over five more neighborhoods in eastern Aleppo,” the Reconciliation Center said in a statement on Tuesday. This puts the number of eastern Aleppo neighborhoods liberated from rebels in the recent offensive by government forces to 35, it said.

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.According to Syrian state news agency Sana, the Syrian army inflicted “heavy losses” upon militants in five neighborhoods and forced many to flee. The army also reportedly prevented a planned car bomb attack on a military post, which allegedly had been intended to boost the “deteriorating morale of the terrorists.”

Aleppo has been split between the Syrian government and rebel and militant factions since the start of the Syrian conflict in 2011. Since operations to liberate the eastern districts of Aleppo in mid-November began, the Syrian army has made successful advances and now controls 65 percent of the city, the military said.

Meanwhile, according to Almasdar news, by Tuesday night the government was in control of up to 85 percent of Eastern Aleppo.