28 March 2016

Tens of thousands of refugees at the Greece-Macedonia border refuse to move to government-run camps

Zeina Khodr reporting for Aljazeera in Idomeni

 A group of refugees were planning to push their way across the border on Sunday morning.

The people behind the plan were those who have been trying to convince people not to move into government run accommodation centres.

They want people to stay at Idomeni because their presence attracts the world's cameras - in the hope that it would pressure EU leaders to revise their decisions.

But information about the planned march was not disseminated on social media. Instead people were told the border was to open.

While we were driving to Idomeni, we saw dozens of migrants and refugees carrying their belongings and walking for kilometres in the cold.

"We are so happy," Mahdi, a Syrian Palestinian told me. "Finally we can cross."

There has been no official announcement that the border is to open, we told him. Mahdi and the others with him refused to believe that. They kept walking only to find dozens of refugees preparing to break through Greek police lines.