17 July 2016

The Decline of Statesmanship in the UK

How dreary the news from the UK now that David Cameron and the EU have gone.  Just a short while ago Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton seemed ludicrous in their attempts to be President, but now they suddenly seem quite respectable when seen against the backdrop of political events in the UK.  Theresa May and Boris Johnson, how could this possibly happen. Maybe it could be explained as a lack of judgement.  Ordinary minds show, even in the smallest affairs, a want of confidence in their own judgement, just because they know from experience that is no use to them.  With them prejudice and following the judgement of others take its place. In this way they are kept in a state of permanent nonage, from which scarcely one in many hundreds is emancipated. Naturally this is not avowed, for even to themselves they seem to judge; yet all the time they are casting a furtive glance at the opinion of others, which remains their secret point of direction. None of them has anything but borrowed opinions which they eagerly scrape up wherever they can get possession of them; and then they proudly strut around with them, giving them out as their own. Others in turn borrow these opinions. and do just the same things with them.
Everyone makes mistakes and the EU referendum was a big mistake but now we are seeing events that are quite wrong. As an example I refer to the appointment of Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary.