15 March 2016

The German Chancellor is adamant only a common European solution can solve the refugee crisis

Gero Neugebauer, a political scientist at Berlin’s Free University said the CDU’s refugee policy was “supported by the majority of voters."

Germany has decided to take leadership of Europe's refugee crisis. This is no longer just a general observation; meanwhile, Chancellor Angela Merkel says quite openly that without clear guidance, Europe will probably fail to find a way through this historic crisis.

"If we show courage and lead the way, a common European approach is more likely," Angela Merkel said on Wednesday in a speech to the German parliament. Germany's "strength and power" in cooperation with its partners, she said, were the key to solving the crisis.

The country has taken in many more asylum seekers than any other EU member. "We have a responsibility, and we perceive it," Merkel said, not without a touch of pride.

What we are experiencing right now is nothing less than a new, more confident self-conception of Germany. Last week, Merkel pressed other nations in the European Union to do more to share the burden of migration. Before that, Germany had lowered the hurdles for incoming Syrian refugees.