13 May 2016

Merkel calls for Refugee safe zones

The number of deadly Islamic State rocket attacks on Kilis has risen dramatically in recent weeks as the extremist group fights to retain control of a 60-mile stretch of the Turkey-Syria border it has used for years as a vital supply route.

Five rockets have hit the Turkish province of Kilis near the Syrian border, killing one person and injuring 26, officials said, in the latest attack launched from a Syrian area controlled by the Islamic State of iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS).

Kilis is a city in south-central Turkey, near the border with Syria,

Istanbul:Turkey is confronting what amounts to a strategic nightmare as bombs explode in its cities, its enemies encroach on its borders and its allies seemingly snub its demands.

As recently as four years ago, Turkey appeared poised to become one of the biggest winners of the Arab Spring, an ascendant power hailed by the West as a model and embraced by a region seeking new forms of governance.

All that has evaporated in the wake of the failure of the Arab revolts, shifts in the geopolitical landscape and the Syrian war.

Turkish support for Salafist terrorism and its subservience to the House of Saud has made it a global pariah and successful and well executed Russian intervention in Syria has created a strategic nightmare for Erdogan's delusional Ottoman aspirations.