30 October 2015

Thousands of refugees and migrants are building up on the border between Slovenia and Austria.

Tens of thousands of people are waiting to cross. The majority are housed in heated tents but several hundred are forced to live in the open.

Dealing with the refugee crisis could cost Germany 16 billion euros next year.

That is the opinion of Germany’s states, which say they are struggling to cope with the extra cost. They are asking for more help from the federal government in Berlin. Some states, like Bavaria, claim they are reaching the limit of their capacity.

Europe’s richest country has become the favoured destination for people fleeing war, violence and poverty.

At least 800,000 are expected to arrive this year.

Helmut Dedy from the Association of German Cities estimates states and municipalities will still need as much as 5.5 billion euros in funds.

The government in Berlin pays its 16 federal states 670 euros each per month for every asylum seeker they take in.