10 April 2017

UK foreign secretary - Boris Johnson

Russian officials have launched a scathing attack on the UK over Boris Johnson’s decision to cancel an upcoming trip to Moscow due to increased tensions about Syria, threatening to bring relations to a new low.
The foreign secretary faced criticism at home and abroad on Sunday for postponing the visit, prompting his allies to say critics had put “polls and politics above sorting out a civil war”.
With the repercussions continuing from last week’s chemical weapons attack on civilians in Khan Sheikhun and a retaliatory US strike on a Syrian government airbase, the Russian foreign ministry and embassy in London belittled Britain’s role in the crisis.
Scottish National Party foreign affairs spokesman Alex Salmond has said Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson's decision to pull out of a trip to Russia has left him looking like a puppet of the United States and in "deep political trouble."
Mr Johnson cancelled the visit yesterday, because Moscow is continuing to support President Assad, despite Tuesday's chemical weapons attack, in which 88 people were killed.