9 April 2017

U.S Missile Strike in Syria

Samer N Abboud is an Assistant Professor of International Studies at Arcadia University, Pennsylvania. In a short response to the recent U.S missile attack in Syria he says that that he believes the real reason was to whip up patriotism at home. He goes on to point out that: “Trump's presidency has grown increasingly unpopular, wrought by internal disarray, federal investigations, allegations of corruption and a stunning incompetence in international affairs. As we remember from the Reagan, Clinton, Bush and Obama presidencies, a quick, targeted strike against a hapless target in some far-off land is a great way to consolidate support, silence dissent, whip up patriotism, and rally politicians of all stripes. This, more than any radical shift in US policy, is a more obvious reason as to why the US opted to attack Assad's regime.” He goes on by saying: “Given the coordination between Russian and US officials around the attack - the former was given ample warning - it is unlikely that the conflict will continue to escalate beyond the boundaries of the current Russian-American understanding. The increased coordination between the two sides evidenced in recent months is likely to persevere.”
He also points out another reason for the attack could have been to correct former President Barack Obama's "red lines" retreat, in which he suggested military intervention would follow any chemical attacks but then failed to act. To read the full article please go to this website: