29 February 2016

Will Germans embrace or shun refugees?

Tens of thousands of Syrian refugees are being dispersed throughout Germany. One family in the east of the country describe how their small city is adapting to life alongside the country's new residents.

In a crowded market square in Gera, poets and performers take to the stage. Above them is a banner that has become a familiar sight at train stations across Germany. "Refugees Welcome," it reads in big letters.

Die Linke, a left-wing German political party, has set up a stall to welcome the newcomers, alongside a local charity.

The Left (German: Die Linke), also commonly referred to as the Left Party (German: Linkspartei), is a democratic socialist political party in Germany. The party was founded in 2007 as the merger of the Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS) and the Electoral Alternative for Labour and Social Justice (WASG).