14 October 2015

Zaatari Syrian refugee camps spawning small individual businesses

Today Zaatari is a sprawling, bustling home to around 81,000 Syrians. Prefabricated shelters including family compounds have largely replaced the lines of tents that were initially there. More than half the population are children, presenting challenges not just on how to provide schooling and restore abruptly halted educations in Syria, but also in investing for the future. 1 in every 3 children is not attending school. There are also some 9,500 young people in the camp aged between 19-24 who need skills training and, like their older counterparts, need livelihood opportunities too. Some 5.2 percent of these were at university in Syria but had to drop out due to the conflict, while just 1.6 percent successfully graduated. More opportunities must be found for this generation and the millions of other refugees around the region in similar predicaments: They are the future of Syria.

Source: The UN Refugee Agency