Poetry from 02/2011

1 February 2011

The Woman on the Lawn Mower

the woman on the lawnmower
finally she just lost her mind
this lovely neighbor of mine
school teacher whose man decided
to just pick up and leave her for no
particular reason on a motorcycle
with a much younger woman out to
california and now she just gets on
her lawnmower and mows her lawn
every midnight as you can
hear the purr of her engine
and those headlights.
in many ways i can
relate to her and
love to watch
those lights
simply going
back and forth
across the night
and god how
this fly-by-night
sight so much helps
me to forget this godforsaken place
like some strange secret escape
and for all you half-crazed uptight
all-knowing no-it-all neighbors
you can go fuck yourselves
as for me out in these deep
and decrepit desolate suburbs
she's truly a breath of fresh air
then goes
on to flick on
her chandelier
and foggy front
pair of porchlights
and you imagine
yourself in there.