Ask Mosul

Written by Ahlam al-Nasr- “the Poetess of the Islamic State.”

Ask Mosul, city of Islam, about the
how their fierce struggle brought
The land of glory has shed its humiliation
and defeat
and put on the raiment of splendor.

This poem appears in a recent article by Audrey Borowski , and is featured in the U.K philosophy magazine Philosophy Now. The article explains the differences between the two ideologies: Al Qaeda and Isis.

One interesting point the article makes is that "by claiming to avenge the oppressed and redeem mankind as a whole, Al Qaeda hopes to establish itself as the new global revolutionary vanguard. Tradional leftist anti imperialism has been recast in Islamic terms. Accordingly, Al Qaeda's fighters see themselves as wielding the arm of Justice and acting as "the avenger that completes the task of liberation in the name of generations of the down-trodden" as Walter Benjamin wrote in his: Theses on The Philosophy of History.  Thus, Al Qaeda is driven less by religious claims or by an overarching metaphysical ideology than by a doctrine of reciprocity, in which mankind will finally be 'equalized' and unified.

"In what creed are your dead considered innocent but ours worthless? By what logic does your blood count as real and ours as no more than water? Reciprocal treatment is part of justice, and he who commences hostilities is the unjust one"

('To the Peoples of Europe,' 15 April 2004, Messages to the World)