Being British

Written by Deanna Rodger

Tilt's London Liming: where spoken word meets carnival.

Deanna Rodger performing her anti British National Party (BNP) statement piece 'Being British' at Tilt's London Liming: A Come Rhyme With Me Special, London, 09/02/12.

Deanna Rodger is from London. Both her parents are also British. “I was born in Britain, my name doesn’t sound particularly foreign, so in an application no one would know I am a different colour – until they met me.” When they see she isn’t white, she has to face the assumption that she isn’t from London. “This makes me laugh, it’s a bit ridiculous,” she reflects. This is what prompted her to write her poem Being British, which breaks apart the three questions she gets asked all the time: “Where are you from?” (To which she replies London, or Fulham). Followed by: “What country?” (To which she replies England). And this is always followed by: “Where are your parents from?” Racism is “the most terrifying and amusing thing at the same time,” she says.